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Thank you for shopping with my Amazon affiliate links! While there is no additional cost for you, I do receive a small percentage of what you purchase from my list. It helps a lot. Thank you!


Watercolour Paper that I use regularly, myself and in my classes


Stonehenge Aqua Hot Press 7x10


Stonehenge AquaCold Press 7 x 10


Fabriano Extra White 7 x 10 cold press


Fabriano Artistico Extra White  7 x 10 hot press


Arches hot press 7 x 10


Fluid 100 cold press  9 x 12


Strathmore 500 mixed media sketchbook (for painting and drawing both)


Strathmore 400 watercolour journal (cold press)


Canson XL Watercolour Cold Press for practice

Winsor And Newton Mixed Media pad

Winsor and Newton Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper 7 x 10





Traditional Watercolour Paint 


Winsor and Newton Professional 24 half pans set


Winsor and Newton Cotman Studio Set - student grade


Daniel Smith Godet Set (I love the fun colours to complement my Winsor and Newton palette)


Holbein pastel watercolour set (I pour them into empty half pans)


Empty half pans


Empty watercolor palette




Brushes that I love


DaVinci Petit Gris squirrel mop 00


Arteria Brush Set (affordable synthetic with nice points)


Escoda brush set (fine quality synthetic)


Series 7 sable, size one (expensive but wonderful)


Series 7 Size 4:




Pencils and drawing materials



Winsor and Newton Drawing Pencil Set

Winsor and Newton Tate Collection Drawing Set


Uni Kurutoga Metal .05


Eraser refills for Uni Kurutoga


Pilot Neox lead for the mechanical pencil, 2B .05


Faber Castell Kneaded eraser


Tomboy Mono Zero value pack


Faber Castell Pitt Matte pencil set


Faber Castell 9000 pencil set


Stonehenge Warm White (my preferred drawing paper)

Winsor and Newton Fineliner set - grey

Winsor and Newton Fineliner set black

Miscellaneous Notebooking Supplies

Midori Transparent Bookband

Sakura Black Gold Jelly Roll Pen… these are much more expensive on Amazon than I pay at local art supply.


Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll


Pilot Frixion 07 Black


Larger set Frixion with refills


Pilot Frixion 4-color ballpoint, champagne body


Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen Set (Amazon does not sell individual colours as far as I found.)

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