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MUSE Embodied Creativity


A seven-week journey with Kateri Ewing



How do we learn to show up in the world as our own muse, full of creative abundance?  That is the focus of this self-paced, online workshop that leads us through seven principles of creativity based on the Japanese aesthetic of Shibusa. Each week we will focus on a new pillar of our creative abundance, building one upon the other as well as exploring what it means to embody our own creativity and continue the work of excavating our own unique voice in our art. So often our own vision, our own way, gets buried by the noise of every day life in the modern world, but there are practical ways we can learn to embody our uniqueness again and again.



The Seven Pillars of Creative Abundance:


  • Simplicity

  • Implicity

  • Modesty

  • Naturalness

  • Everydayness

  • Imperfection

  • Silence


 The course is self-paced and will be available perpetually so there is no need to rush through the lessons. Take them in in your own time, revisit them… there is a lot of material and it is the kind of class that can be useful to revisit several months or even years into the future to see how you can continue to evolve and grow into your practice. There will be video lessons and exercises for you to try,  art-making as well as journaling.  As in all of my courses there is also a place to ask questions, share thoughts, images and discoveries. I check in each weekday morning to answer your questions and respond to your posts and images.


I have developed this course through my own journey to creative abundance and my years of study and writings about Japanese aesthetics. I believe it is a unique approach to embodied creativity and, in its simplicity,  achievable for all. Like anything worthwhile it requires your effort and time, but part of my system is how to make that time something that does not require any big shifts in your life. It is my deepest belief that people who have a daily creative practice in their life that sustains them are happier people that can withstand the struggles of life in a more empowered way and have much higher tolerance for the not so great times as well as better powers of discernment. My wish is for all people to enjoy these gifts of the daily creative practice. Offering this class is one way I can keep my vision of a better world moving forward.  It’s my own small part.


The cost is $95. If you have a true financial hardship, please be in touch at I have a limited number of bursaries available that reduce the cost, depending on your need.


I hope you will join me for this very special course.

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