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Join me for a fabulous new self-paced class that explores the daily sketchbook habit with loads of tools, techniques and hows and whys to help you make this habit really stick. Twenty-eight lessons to journey through at your your own pace with a great classroom forum where you can share your work and ask questions. Bonus Live Zoom sessions run throughout the year ✨ Sound fun? I can’t wait!

What to expect:


In this 28-lesson pre-recorded course you can journey through at your own pace, but my hope is that you will dedicate a 28-day stretch to spend some time each day engaging with the lessons in the order that they appear. The goal is to create a sketchbook habit that you are always looking forward to!

The video lessons are shorter than my other classes, but there are 28 of them to allow you to bring an achievable daily consistency to your normal routines. Each one builds upon the last.

You can watch the lessons as your schedule permits and learn along the way how to begin your daily sketchbook habit with fun and achievable exercises that lead you into drawing and exploring the subjects that you really love. A variety of tools and loads of techniques will be explored so that you can pick and choose to create a custom practice that is perfect for you.

My sketchbook practice is so valuable to me, my life and my art. I cannot wait to share it with you. And of course, like all of my courses, I check in to our classroom forum every weekday morning to answer your questions, see your work and cheer you on. Our classroom forums are the best!

There is no time limit to complete this course, you truly work at your own pace and you have access to the lessons for lifetime of the course. The 28-lesson course is priced at $85. It includes a live Zoom gathering with me to explore your questions and experiences, I hold one per season and the links are added to the classroom a few weeks before. These gatherings are always so much fun and so full of great ideas from the collective.

Any questions? Email me at I really hope to see you there!

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