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What if I told you there was a beautiful tool, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, that was able to help you unlock your creativity over and over again? I’ve been using tarot and oracle decks for my entire adult life and it has become as important to my creative practice as my beloved paint brush, watercolours and paper.

When tarot and oracle decks are used intuitively, for self-reflection and to stir inspiration, they can become a trusted companion to call upon whether we feel stuck or whether we are simply looking for a way to deepen the process of our everyday creative endeavours. Join me on this very personal journey as we uncover the magic that these beautiful cards of symbolic art can bring to your artistic life.

What you will receive:

• Beautiful, in-depth video lessons that you can watch at your convenience. These videos will cover the topics with in-depth explorations and creative, fun exercises to help you digest and learn the each lesson’s material.

• A beautiful PDF workbook to accompany the video lessons that you can download and print for your own personal use.



Course Syllabus:


  • Introductory Lesson: Everything you need to know before you begin!


  • Week One: An overview of what it means to use tarot intuitively, as an artist—a beautiful path to self-reflection and creative discovery. We will explore ways to incorporate the cards into your daily practice, as well as the basic differences between an oracle deck and a tarot deck, and how each are organised. I will also introduce my unique method of intuitive tarot reading, specifically for creatives, called Voice, Lens, Invitation.


  • Week Two: We will explore the Major Arcana, the archetypal journey of the first 21 cards of a tarot deck. We will learn basic keywords for each, but also practice reading them intuitively by noticing colours, symbols, and expanding on our initial reactions to the art on any card. The goal is not to memorise the meanings, but to allow the cards to open you up to new ways of thinking and creating. 


  • Week Three: All about the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the numbers 1-10 and how they give structure to the Minor Arcana. These are storytelling cards and we will use them to create artistic storylines to use in our work. We will also discover a way to use the court cards specifically for the creative practice, to lend voice to our work.


  • Week Four: The oracle deck and the richness they can bring to our daily lives and creative endeavours. We also explore how tarot decks and oracle cards can work together to create a weaving of inspiration for the artist. We will expand even more on using both kinds of decks intuitively through symbols and colour, and deepening your reaction to a visual image with simple visualisation and meditation practices.


  • Week Five: Ties it all together with a variety of ways to incorporate tarot and oracle decks into your every day creative practice. We will create some work together with mixed media painting and drawing lessons to incorporate what we have learned into beautiful and intuitive works of art. Also, this course is perfect for the brand new beginner to art, as well as the professional artist. The art projects are process-based and expressive...truly no experience necessary.

The lessons are available to watch whenever it is convenient for you! And there is a space to ask questions under each lesson. I check in weekday mornings.

The cost of this course is $75 USD. You will have access to the video lessons for the lifetime of the course. It is an unspoken contract that these videos are not to be shared with anyone else. Thank you for understanding.

You will need a journal and tarot deck and an optional oracle deck of your choice for this class. If you do not already have one, the introductory lesson will give you ideas on how to find a deck that you will love, with plenty of examples of decks I find particularly wonderful for the artist.

I have been creating the class over the past two years and I am so excited to share it with you!


Any questions, please email me at

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