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Are you ready to really understand colour mixing on an intuitive level?

Do you have a desire to deep dive into the colours you already own and have personal advice on how to make the most of them and perhaps supplement them with a few new, workhorse colours?


Join Kateri Ewing in a three part Zoom workshop where we will explore the depths of colour mixing with her tried and true methods for learning to work with basic colour theory intuitively AND have a private 1-to-1 session to help you refine your own colour palette that is person to you.


Week One: Saturday, January 22, 2022 12PM-3PM EST

  • The basics of colour mixing, including several take-away assignments and exercises to help you hone your skills and truly understand how colour theory works.

  • Break out groups: When it's time to practice we will divide into small groups of five to work together as Kateri visits each room to help you with individual questions and instructions.

  • A homework assignment will be given, to be turned in to Kateri by email before our next gathering.

Week Two: Saturday, January 29, 12PM-3PM EST

  • Discussion about homework assignment. We will gather into breakout groups to talk about difficulties, one person reports back the top three difficulties/questions for Kateri to address.

  • Q & A addressing the common difficulties/questions

  • This week's topics include: Colour nuance and harmony. The benefits of a limited palette, and what does limited really mean. Understanding triads and complementary colours to bring luminosity to our work. The brilliance of neutrals. Working with opaque paints and handmade watercolours.

  • Final Q & A

  • Homework assignment will be given to be emailed to Kateri before our next private meeting.

Week THREE: Individual dates for a private half hour session to be scheduled throughout the month of February. Here we will be using what you have learned through the class and homework lessons to build your own personal palette of twelve colours.


Workshop limited to 20 people. Breakout groups will be groups of Five.


Sessions (excluding the breakout sessions) will be recorded, but the workshop experience is really enhanced by your participation. There are no refunds once payment has gone through. Thanks for understanding.


You will need a computer, Zoom and reliable internet service to access the class. A supply list will be sent after registration.


The two week course and one private session costs $140, includes 6 hours of class time, and a private 30-minute Zoom session with Kateri.

Questions? Send me an email :)

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