Online Classes and Workshops


What does it mean for the artist to “really see?”


It means everything.


No matter if our ultimate goal is refined realism or loose and intuitive abstract expressionism, learning to see--and then to document what you see--is the foundation of it all.


Join Kateri Ewing in a two part Zoom workshop where we will explore the ways we can train our eyes and hands to work together to truthfully capture the world around us using graphite and ink.


Based on her best selling book on drawing, Look Closer, Draw Better, this intimate two-week journey will open your eyes to the importance seeing with an artist's eye and the simple ways you can create a daily habit of refining your skills.


Week One: Saturday, April 24, 2021, 12PM-3PM EST

  • What does it mean to “learn how to see” and why does it matter so much?

  • The best tools and materials and why they matter

  • Kateri's simplified, daily seeing/drawing practice in graphite: from blind contour to drawing from life

  • Gestural sketches and how they help us to see contour and value

  • Break out groups: We will divide into small groups of six to draw together as Kateri visits each room to help you with individual questions and instructions.

  • A homework assignment will be given, to be turned in to Kateri by email before our next gathering.


Week Two: Saturday, May 1, 12PM-3PM EST

  • Discussion about homework assignment. We will gather into breakout groups to talk about difficulties, one person reports back the top three difficulties/questions for Kateri to address.

  • Q & A addressing the common difficulties/questions

  • Live Seeing/Drawing demonstration in ink (Blind contour, gestural and representational)

  • Drawing from life and using references: pros & cons, tips and tricks for both

  • Finding your subject: why it matters to draw what we love

  • Final Q & A

  • Homework assignment will be given to be emailed to Kateri within three weeks, for a personal review.


Workshop limited to 30 people. Breakout groups will be groups of six.


Sessions will not be recorded as the workshop experience depends upon your participation.


You will need a computer and internet service to access the class. A supply list will be sent after registration.


The two week session costs $75, includes 6 hours of class time, and a personal review of your final work including tips for you to focus on, by Kateri, through email.

Questions? Send me an email :)