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Online Classes and Workshops

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This self-paced course is perfect for all levels of watercolour experience. Join me for a fun project where we learn the skills of drawing, mixing colours, applying and removing the masking fluid and then finishing with the fine details. We also have an in-depth video on choosing your tools for this project! By the end you will be painting a nest with ease.

As with all of my courses they are fully supported by me each weekday morning in our warm and supportive student forum where we can share our work, ask questions, give and receive feedback and cheer one another on! Your course fee provides access to the class for one year after the class launch, which is April 1, 2024 through April 1, 2025. We will also have a LIVE paint a nest with me Zoom session on Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 2PM EDT. This session will be recorded in case you cannot make it.

Let's paint a nest!

Email me with any questions:

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